IELTS Speaking part 2: Chủ đề “restaurant”

Dưới đây là bài trả lời mẫu của mình cho phần Speaking part 2, chủ đề “restaurant”. Các bạn nên nhớ: trong speaking, cần chú trọng phát âm chuẩn và nói trôi chảy, đừng để ý nhiều đến việc dùng từ vựng khó hay ngữ pháp phức tạp.

Describe a restaurant you like
You should say:
where it is
how often you go there
what food it has
and explain why you like it

- I would like to talk about a fast food restaurant that I really enjoy going to. The restaurant is called McDonald’s, and it is located in a road called Burgess Road in Southampton, which is quite close to where I’m living at the moment. Normally it takes me only 5 minutes to walk to the restaurant.

- I go to McDonald’s quite often actually, because I’m very lazy to cook, and I’m really bad at cooking to be honest. I would say that I come to McDonald’s around 3 to 4 times a week, and most of the times I go there for lunch after finishing my morning lessons.

- The main type of food that is served in McDonald’s is burgers, and it has a very famous product which is a burger called the “Big Mac”. There are several different types of burgers, from cheese burgers to beef burgers and also those that have chicken. Beef burgers are my favourite type. Also, the restaurant offers very nice ice creams.

- I think the main reason why I like McDonald’s is because I find the food there very tasty. And the prices are quite cheap compared to Burger King, for example. Another reason is that the staff members at the restaurant are incredibly friendly. Every time I eat at McDonald’s, I feel satisfied with the food and the services.

( band 8.0)

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