IELTS Speaking Part 2: Audio mẫu chủ đề “Some useful advice”

Đề bài:

Describe a situation (or time) when you received some useful advice.

                You should say:

what the situation was

who gave you the advice

what the advice was

              and explain how this advice was useful to you.

Dưới đây là bài ghi âm mẫu của mình cho chủ đề này (band điểm 8.0 trở lên)



6 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Part 2: Audio mẫu chủ đề “Some useful advice”

  1. instantly

    Thank you very much for sharing this speaking. It’s very useful. Can you check for me the transcript that I made? Thank you once again! And I have a question cause I didn’t hear it well : Is it always *the UK* or just UK?

    “I’m gonna tell you some useful advice that I have received. So this situation happened about half a year ago. It was around September, 2013, I guess. At that time I was in my last year at university. I was thinking about what I should do after graduating. There were two options for me which was whether to continue my study or to get a job right away. It was a really difficult choice that I had to make. One of my friends was the one who gave me the advice that effected strongly my decision. He had been studying in UK, in Manchester to be specific, for 4 years. And he had a lot of experience in study abroad. So I knew I needed to ask for his opinion. He told me that I should do a master program in the UK. It would only take me one year to receive a master degree. so it would not cost much time and money as well. he also said that the education system in the UK is very good, very practical and I would learn so much from when I’m studying there. He even told me stories about his student life in Manchester. and I immediately got so excited after hearing those things. And I finally decided to go study in UK. Partly because of his advice. I really hope that it would be a right decision and I will benefit a lot from it.”

  2. Phan Văn Long

    anh nói hay quá ạ. Nhưng mà em nghĩ là anh nên chêm thêm những cụm từ như ” you know ” ” I mean” cho tự nhiên hơn ạ em thấy người bản xứ vẫn hay làm vậy ạ

  3. Anonymous

    Great accent. I’ve been trying to speak “Londonian” accent but it’s quite difficult as i am used to speaking with Aussie accent (working in an evironment will 85% of Aussie client), sometimes American. Could you please share some tips to practice that lovely accent :3. Thanks!
    P.s: I found that America accent is silly and i hate it :(


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