Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking band 8.0

Dưới đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking do mình trả lời. Câu hỏi được lấy từ các trang web IELTS SimonIELTS Yasi.

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking này xứng đáng đạt ít nhất band 8.0 khi đi thi thật, với điều kiện thí sinh phát âm chuẩn và nói tương đối trôi chảy. Lưu ý rằng bài nói của mình thực ra rất đơn giản, không hề sử dụng các từ vựng khó hay idiom, nhưng mình vẫn có thể đạt điểm cao nhờ việc phát âm tốt và nói trôi chảy. Lần trước đi thi thật mình cũng nói giống như thế này (thậm chí là chán hơn) nhưng vẫn đạt tới 8.0 cho kỹ năng Speaking.


What is your full name? Can I see your ID? (this is not part of the test)

1. Where are you from?

I come from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

2. Do you like the place where you live?

No, I don’t really like this place to be honest. I prefer living in England where I spent one year doing my Master’s degree.

3. Do you work or are you a student?

I have finished my Master’s, like I just said. Now I am working as a university lecturer.

4. Now let’s talk about walking. Do you like walking?

Yes, I really enjoy walking. I think it is a really good thing to do in order to keep fit and be healthy. I usually take a walk in a park near my house every Sunday morning.

5. Do you think walking is important?

Yes it is. Nowadays people tend to rely too much on motorbikes or cars, and they don’t walk very often. I believe walking is an activity that everyone should spend some time doing.

6. Do you think walking in the countryside is better than walking in the city?

Absolutely. It is nice to walk in a nice and fresh atmosphere. There’s too much pollution in the city so walking there is not very enjoyable.

7. What could be done to improve the experience of walking in cities?

Well, particularly in Vietnam, the government need to make sure that the pavements are not occupied by vehicles or by people selling things. This is because it is currently quite difficult for Vietnamese pedestrians to walk on the pavements.

8. Now let’s talk about languages. What foreign languages have you learned?

English is the only foreign language I have learned. I have been learning this language since I was a kid.

9. Is it difficult to learn a foreign language?

Well, I would say learning a second language is quite challenging for many people. It’s not easy to learn how to communicate in a language that you’ve never spoken before.

10. What is the most effective way to learn a foreign language?

From my personal experience, the best method is to watch a lot of films and TV shows in the language that you want to learn. You can copy the way native people speak, and you can learn from that.

11. Would you like to learn another language in the future?

Absolutely not. Learning one language is already too much for me.


Describe an occasion when someone visited your home.

You should say

            who the person was

            what the occasion was

            what you did during the visit

and explain how to felt about this person’s visit.

I’m going to talk about an occasion when a very close friend of mine visited where I live.

He is a Chinese person. His real name is Xin Lin, but we usually call him by his English name, which is Steven. He was studying in the same university with me in England when we did our Master’s last year, and we both lived in the same flat in the university halls of residence. We were so close with each other because we spent a lot of time cooking and talking with each other, but we haven’t met for a few months since we left England.

So the occasion was a month ago when he visited Vietnam to travel. He had never been to my country although China is right next to Vietnam. So, he decided to come to my country to visit me.

We were really excited to meet each other again, and he was excited as well to come to my house for the first time. I invited him for dinner, and I myself cooked something very special for him, which was a traditional Vietnamese dish. We talked a lot during the meal, and we reminded each other of the memories we shared in England.

I was very happy when Steven came to see me. The reason is because we had not had a chance to see each other for a long time, and you know, it always feels good seeing an old friend. The occasion brought back a lot of good memories that I think I can never forget.


1. In your country, how do people treat visitors?

I think people in my country are generally very hospitable, and they are usually very welcoming when having visitors. They would usually be willing to invite visitors to have dinner, especially if the person is a close friend or a relative.

2. Do you think hospitality is less important than it was in the past?

I do not think so. I believe it has always been important for people to be friendly and welcoming to people visiting their houses. It is even more crucial to behave properly with visitors coming from other countries such as tourists, because the way local people treat tourists can have a great effect on the image of a country. So, I think hospitality is as important today as it was in the past.

3. What are the benefits of staying with a friend when visiting a new place?

Well, the biggest advantage is that you can save money when staying in a friend’s house. This is because it is usually expensive when staying in hotels. Another benefit is that when you stay with your friend when coming to a new place, your journey is likely to be more interesting and enjoyable. If you stay alone, you might get bored and lonely.

4. What are the advantages of staying in a hotel instead?

It would be more convenient to stay in a hotel, I guess. Hotels are usually located close to the main tourist attractions of a city, so it will be less time-consuming if travellers choose a hotel. Also, you can receive good services from the hotel. For example, you can have free breakfast ready in the morning, while you will need to spend time cooking when you stay with a friend.

Các bạn đọc kỹ bài mẫu IELTS Speaking trên đây để rút ra các kinh nghiệm nhé. Với Speaking, chúng ta không cần bỏ nhiều thời gian ra học từ vựng và idiom làm gì cả, chỉ cần cố gắng luyện nói thường xuyên để có được phản xạ tốt và cải thiện phát âm là hoàn toàn có thể đạt điểm cao chỉ với những từ vựng đơn giản.



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